Zapiro cartoons on Mandela causing controversy

Zapiro cartoons on Mandela
RFI reports on the issues surrounding several Jonathan Shapiro (AKA Zapiro) cartoons depicting former president Nelson Mandela who by most accounts is close to passing. The 94 year old apartheid leader is currently in the hospital in stable but serious condition battling a lung infection. RFI reports that many South African’s are struggling with the thought of a Mandela passing and have been sensitive to Zapiro’s cartooning on the topic.

Zapiro, real name Jonathan Shapiro, has produced several cartoons depicting the evolving situation with Mandela’s health, some of which have caused controversy.

He says he was accused of “putting words in [Mandela’s] mouth” by one newspaper editor when he drew a speech bubble emanating from the former president’s lips that said, “I know it’s hard, but we have to start letting go”.

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  1. President Mandela’s calm presence has been a stabilizing force in Africa and far beyond, for decades. It is his style of making a difference without making headlines that marks a great human being.

    What a man! You are in my prayers.

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