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I hope you haven’t missed as many episodes of Tall Tale Radio as I have

I’ve been busy with work and family for the last six months (hence the lack of regular posting here on the blog) and I’ve missed a lot of great episodes of Tom Racine’s Tall Tale Radio Podcast. I was thinking I missed out on two or three, but when I checked his guest list of the last six months, I’ve missed most of them. Ouch. If you’re not a regular listener, head over and subscribe.

Jun 18 Episode 174 – Sandra Bell Lundy
Jun 12 Episode 173 – Frank Page
Jun 4 Episode 172 – Matt Bors
May 28 Episode 171 – Hilary Price
May 20 Episode 170 – Roundtable
May 13 Episode 169 – Lincoln Peirce
Apr 9 Episode 168 – Tony Carrillo
Apr 3 Episode 167 – John Sanford
Mar 25 Episode 166 – Dave Blazek
Mar 11 Episode 165 – Mike Lester
Feb 27 Episode 164 – Jim Horwitz, Watson
Feb 19 Episode 163 – Jeff Knurek of “The Jumble”
Feb 14 Episode 162 – Michael Fry, “The Odd Squad”
Feb 12 Episode 161 – Bill Hinds “Tank McNamara”
Jan 30 Episode 160 – Francesco Marciuliano
Jan 22 Episode 159 – Jeff Ranjo, Ron Clements, John Musker
Jan 15 Episode 158 – Ruben Moreno and Kris Straub
Jan 7 Episode 157 – Mark Tatulli

Community Comments

#1 Tom Racine
@ 11:23 am

Thanks for the shout out, Alan! I forgive you for your slacking off…but remember the words of C. Montgomery Burns: “I’ll keep it short and sweet. Family, religion, friendship. These
are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.”

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