Grown-up Calvin painting tearing up internet

Craig Mahoney portrait of Calvin & Hobbes
The portrait of Calvin discoverying Hobbes again by comedian Craig Mahoney is said to induce uncontrollable tears by the Huffington Post. Stuff says it was the number one story on Huff Post.

I count myself as a Calvin & Hobbes fan, like most, but Mahoney’s work just doesn’t stir any emotion from me. Now had the drawing been done by Bill Watterson himself with Watterson’s artistic superiority, well there might be a shot at a tear.

Mahoney’s painting is part of a larger art show in New Jersey, entitled Boca Grande Cantina Mexicana | Portraits of Awesomeness: The Art of a Fanboy.

9 thoughts on “Grown-up Calvin painting tearing up internet

  1. Not to put down the image, because it’s great, but if you hadn’t told me it was Calvin and Hobbies, I probably would not have guessed it. Looks more like an ad for Antiques Roadshow or one of those shows. But the image is cute and is very nostalgic.

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