Benson casts GOP in same vein as Ohio kidnappers; Conservatives not amused

Steve Benson controversial cartoon

Tim Cavanaugh, of The Daily Caller gives a good summary of the controversy surrounding a recent Steve Benson that casts the GOP in the same light as the Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro. The cartoon (above) depicts the GOP has holding three women hostage. Each of the women are labeled “No Abortion Rights,” “No Reproductive Coverage” and “No Respect for Rape Victims.”

From the Daily Caller:

“This Arizona media outlet has chosen to publish an absurd and grotesque image that grossly mischaracterizes the pro-family and pro-life position contained in the Republican Party platform,” Arizona Republican Party chairman Robert Graham wrote in an email to The Daily Caller. “The cartoon is bizarre and disturbing. The fact is that our party supports the sanctity of life and the right of every individual to life and liberty, and we are disappointed that some in the media so falsely misrepresent our view.”

Steve’s editors are standing behind the cartoon and I love how it’s phrased, “Steve?s cartoons are often among the things that draw the most comment. This one was not unusual in that regard.” In other words, this is on par for a Benson cartoon.

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  1. The poor Arizona Repelicans. Imagine, Benson stating the obvious. And now the AZ GOP has to defend their absurd position on women’s rights. What to do?

    Blame the messenger.

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