Missed news items last week: Cagle, Ohman, Anderson

While I was locked out of my blog last week, a number of important news items popped up and I wasn’t able post them. Here’s the wrap up of some of the news I wanted to post last week:

Cagles switch cartoon
Daryl Cagle responds to the criticism that by switching positions (and changing a cartoon) that he’s undermining editorial cartooning.

Yes, the cartoon police really do exist.

I know this all sounds unbelievable, but I?m not exaggerating. It is fascinating that editorial cartoonists have such a different perspective on their own work than editors and readers do. The cartoonists take themselves far more seriously than anyone else takes them.

Perhaps I should change my mind more often ? it makes for a wild ride.

Editorial cartoonists Houston Chronicle Nick Anderson and Sacramento Bee Jack Ohman are interviewed on Capital Public Radio about Jack’s controversial cartoon criticizing Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Nick also creates a cartoon poking fun at Governor Perry and his reaction to the cartoon.

Nick Anderson pokes fun at Perry

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