Iron Man 3 sets opening weekend record

Iron Man 3 poster

Iron Man 3, which opened last weekend, became the second highest grossing film on opening weekend grossing $175,300,000. The highest grossing film is The Avengers ($207,438,708) which also featured Iron Man. Here’s the list of the all-time highest grossing films.

Interesting observation from Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo in the USA Today:

“With very few exceptions, the third entry in an ongoing franchise winds up grossing less than its predecessor, no matter how well-liked the predecessor was,” Subers says. “That probably won’t be the case with Iron Man 3, though, because it’s being perceived as a follow-up to The Avengers, not to Iron Man 2.”

I took the kids on Saturday morning. It was well received by all. While another sequel is possible, it felt like the film was wrapped rather neatly and that could be the last Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is out of contract for another Iron Man film, but is slated to appear in the next The Avengers movie.

One thought on “Iron Man 3 sets opening weekend record

  1. I saw this yesterday and while the dialog and story were witty and fast-paced, it has got to be the NOISIEST movie I’ve ever seen in my life. A minute or two of dialog, then EXPLOSIONS, then a bit of dialog, then EXPLOSIONS EXPLOSIONS EXPLOSIONS, then a bit more dialog, then EXPLOSIONS, then more EXPLOSIONS.

    The 3D effects stop being interesting pretty quickly, and nothing about it stayed with me afterwards. I’m glad I saw it, but still.

    Also stayed for the easter egg scene after the credits, and it was soso, sort of interesting. Chuckled, but was it worth staying for?

    Not only perhaps the longest credit roll at the end, but all the lawyers and accountants get a screen credit, along with about two thousand effects and animation people.

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