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Video: Behind the scenes of the Billy Ireland Library and Museum

Great video that’s worthy of 6 minutes of your time. My first visit to the Billy Ireland Library and Museum was in 2006, though it was only known then as the research library and I’ve described it as a religious experience as I was allowed to look (and white-glove handle) original art by Hal Foster, George Herriman, Walt Kelly and Bill Watterson.

And just a reminder, this year is the Festival of Cartoon Art and will also be a celebration grand opening of Sullivant Hall. Make sure you follow the Library Museum on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the festival. The date for the festival is November 14–17, 2013.

Via Tom Spurgeon

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:30 am

Niiice. ;)

#2 Tom Gammill
@ 11:59 am

Great video and an amazing place to visit. Love that they included that Sunday Bushmiller in the tour.

#3 Ron Mabon
@ 5:55 pm

I’m looking forward to driving to Ohio to see the new facility when they get moved in! What an interesting video, especially that it includes amazing Pennsylvania cartoonists and graphic novelists Jim Rugg, Jasen Lex, and Ed Piskor.

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