Futurama has been cancelled. Again

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Matt Groening’s animated tv show Futurama has been cancelled. It ran from 1999 to 2003 and was cancelled by Fox, but fan interest was enough too keep it re-runs and direct to DVD movies. Comedy Central brought the show back in 2010.

From EW:

The producers say that they are exploring options for a new home for the show, but there are no serious talks at this point. ?We?ve been in this situation before and it?s tempting when you?re doing episodes that are as good or better than anything you?ve ever done to continue doing it,? Groening tells EW. ?We?re catching our breath and seeing what the fans have to say. The experience of this show has been so much fun from the very beginning to now ? everybody is so happy to work on this show ? that it?d be a shame if we all went our separate ways? We would love to continue. We have many more stories to tell. But if we don?t, this is a really great way to go out? I think these episodes are the best ones we?ve ever done.?

3 thoughts on “Futurama has been cancelled. Again

  1. It is sad to say goodbye to Futurama, again. I didn’t find out that they canceled the show until I got in to my office at DISH this morning. It would be pretty cool if another network stepped in, but if they don’t, I still have the whole series saved on my DISH Hopper DVR. It holds up to 2,000 of entertainment, so saving 7 seasons of Futurama on there won’t really make a dent in storage space.

  2. Who says Futurama needs to be on either cable or network television at all to reach it’s viewers? Maybe they’re not bringing in the kind of ratings Comedy Central wants, but they certainly have an audience. Why not turn to Netflix the way Arrested Development is? The future of tv is online anyway. I think Futurama is a solid enough show to make that kind of plunge.

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