Bleeker strip to promote robotics week

Not sure how many years Jonathan Mahood has been using his strip Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog to promote National Robotics Week, but he’s doing it again this year. The weeklong series runs April 6-14.

From King Features:

This time, Karl takes center stage as he and the gang eagerly participates in all the week’s fun robotic-themed festivities. Karl is even more excited at the prospect of running into his old girlfriend, Gurtie. But, has time and distance changed them? Karl is a domestic vacuum, while Gurtie is a gutter sweeper. Will their mutual love of dirt and clean open spaces reunite them or will past differences keep them apart? Readers will have to follow the weeklong series at to find out!

One thought on “Bleeker strip to promote robotics week

  1. Last year’s National Robotics Week story was fun so it should be interesting to see how it goes this year. Hope the BattleBots are back.

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