ComiXology to sell self-published comics

An interesting move by ComiXology to become more of a platform, like Apple’s iBook Store and Amazon eBook store.

Today, the digital comic book startup is launching ComiXology Submit, a submission portal for comic book creators who want to sell their self-published work in ComiXology?s digital store. If successful, the Submit portal could usher in a brand new age of renaissance for comics and graphic fiction.

ComiXology is the largest seller of single-issue digital comics across several devices (iOS, Android, and web browsers), and the only retailer that sells single-issue comics from the two largest publishers, Marvel and DC. Nearly every other notable comic publisher (IDW, Image, BOOM! Studios) also sells its books through ComiXology, which makes it the only real digital equivalent of a neighborhood comic shop. So, for self-published comics that otherwise aren?t getting any attention (let alone making money), the new Submit portal is a chance to get put on the same digital shelf as Spider-Man, Batman, and The Walking Dead.

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  1. Quote: “In terms of money, ComiXology will take a 50 percent cut of revenue on each comic purchase, after platform fees. (For instance, Apple takes 30 percent of all sales made through the App Store, leaving 35 percent each for ComiXology and the book?s creator.)”

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