Stripped scores audio interview with Watterson; pushes for more funding

“Stripped” documentary creators Fred Schroeder and Dave Kellett scored a major coup gaining audience with Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson for an interview to be included in their documentary. While the film is largely complete, the two are raising money again to help pay for the licensed footage used in the film.

So here’s the great news: The movie is essentially done. It’s filmed, edited, scored, and test-screened. Even the final sound mix, color correction, and closed captioning have already been budgeted for, thanks to the support of comics creators and fans. But we have onnnne last expense we need help with: Licensed footage.

You see, as we were editing the film, we realized we couldn’t talk about the death of newspapers without showing how culturally massive they once were, and how famous cartoonists themselves were. And that means using footage we don’t own, like: Charles Schulz’ TV specials, interview clips from Carson, 1930’s newsreels and more.

It’s footage that improves the film so much…but it’s expensive. Some of these clips can only be sourced in private archives, while others can only be had in high-def by paying a licensing fee to the studio. We’ve already paid out tens of thousands of our own savings to cover as much as we can, but we need your help for the last mile. So we’re asking you, Kickstarter: Help us add this amazing footage to STRIPPED…and make a great film truly awesome.

As of this writing, the $33,560 needed has been surpassed with 23 days left.