NCS expands criteria for webcomics award

National Cartoonist Society

The National Cartoonists Society has expanded the criteria for the new Online Comics Division Award that was introduced last year. The change splits the award into two categories – long form (think online comic books or graphic novels) and short form comics (think comic strips, panels). As they did last year, a panel will evaluate the submissions.

The NCS also expanded the criteria for Advertising Illustration as well as changed the Animation award to be more specific to the work the artist did to contribute to the overall work – not just the final product.

NCS President, Tom Richmond has more details on his blog.

5 thoughts on “NCS expands criteria for webcomics award

  1. What exactly would be eligible in this Online Comics Division category? Every webcomic, or only certain ones? And what would the criteria for eligibility be, in that case?

  2. Webcomics published/posted in 2012 by cartoonists who meet the membership standards of the National Cartoonists Society, whether or not they are members. One of the big requirements for membership is that you have to be a professional cartoonist, in the sense that the majority of your income comes from your work as a cartoonist. has more information about membership and eligibility for awards.

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