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Charlie Hebdo magazine publishes more Mohammed cartoons

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is publishing yet another edition featuring the Prophet Mohammed.

The anti-establishment publication, which says its cartoonists are atheists who are interested in satirising all religions, claimed it was publishing a profile to learn more about the prophet. “Before you can have a laugh about a character, it’s better to know him,” Charb told AFP. He denied the special edition was an act of provocation.

Let’s start 2013 out by throwing oil on a fire.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Peterson
@ 2:40 pm

The Kim Kardashian of the print world. Anything for another 15 minutes in the spotlight.

#2 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 4:18 pm

Bottom line for me is we are free to cartoon or not. It is disigenuous to deride an editor for seeking publicity or profit by publishing cartoons; what else are they for?

Also I think we have settled that media (comic books, cartoons, rock music, games, etc.) doesn’t create violence, people are individually responsible for their acts.

#3 Mike Peterson
@ 5:14 am

Nothing we do harms anybody. It’s what other people do that hurts people. Shame on those other people!

#4 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 10:42 am

Freedom, facism: pick one.
Gee, platitudes are fun!

#5 Karsten Schley
@ 2:40 am

Publishing and selling cartoons is not like throwing oil on a fire. The freedom of speech ist worth to stand up for.
I don’t want to be told what I’m allowed to draw by some extremists.

#6 Mike Peterson
@ 5:23 am

I believe in armed revolution and genocide. Don’t you dare send me $10,000 or I will riot and kill people. Or maybe buy a car. But I’m warning you — don’t you do it!

#7 Dave Stephens
@ 7:28 pm

The mere existence of the western world defames Islam daily…

Islam means “submission.” And stubbornly, a few people just won’t submit to laws that have no meaning in a free society…

#8 Mike Peterson
@ 8:09 pm

I love it when you wear your sheets, Dave!

“Islam” means submission to God. If you feel that Christianity doesn’t also require kinda sorta thinking that God might be in charge, oh, please, share of your wisdom.

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