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Video: Joe Wos’ attempt at the largest hand drawn maze

Last September I posted news that Toonseum founder Joe Wos was attempting to establish a Guinness World Record for the largest hand-drawn maze. The maze is still being created even though he started it back in July.

Dave Crawley, reporting for the local TV station KDKA, interviews Joe and we get to see in the video Joe’s progress in the video below.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:12 pm

Nice seeing some of the action shots of Joe Wos drawing the maze. Fastest way through, of course, for any paper maze is a match or a pair of scissors. ;)

#2 Phil Judd
@ 12:31 pm

Amazingly well done. Does this guy do other cartoons…I like his imagination and simple lear style…

#3 Phil Judd
@ 12:31 pm


#4 Terri Libenson
@ 1:41 pm

Go, Joe!

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