Jules Feiffer is selling his NY apartment

New York Magazine:

The acclaimed cartoonist, author, playwright, and illustrator of The Phantom Tollbooth says he’s staying in Southampton for good. Of the city, he says, “You begin each day coping. There’s a kind of built-in abrasiveness living in the city. You wake up and you start dealing with the events of the day. If you don’t start dealing, you fall behind.” Compare that to his half-acre spread in the East End, where “it’s easier, more relaxed … It’s just my own deadlines and my own mishegoss.”

It’s listed for a cool $4.4 million.

4 thoughts on “Jules Feiffer is selling his NY apartment

  1. Interesting. NYC/Manhattan real estate has always fascinated me. If you look at the web site from the realtor you?ll see that you?ll have to put down 40% or 1.7 million, which leaves a 2.6 million dollar mortgage. A 6.00% jumbo rate 30-year mortgage payment would be 15.5 K a month. Then there is the $4851 monthly maintenance payment. That over 20 grand a month..ouch. I love New York but who can afford this? Your income would have to be over 60K A MONTH to qualify.

    Anyway, Jules Feiffer is a wonderful man and talent. He bought the place 30 years ago when it was slightly less than it is now. He’ll make a nice profit, which he richly deserves!

  2. Everyone should get out of New York. It’s gonna get nuked. The Iranians don’t need a delivery system, all they need is some innocuous little boat puttering into the harbor. The mullahs are gonna be hell bent on revenge after Netanyahu hits them, but Jerusalem and Tel Aviv probably won’t be doable, so that leaves NY in the crosshairs.

    GET OUT!

  3. Who knew living in a $4.4 million condo could be so
    rough on a cartoonist. Tough days for the 1%

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