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Michael Jantze raising money to fight “frivolous lawsuit”

The Norm creator Michael Jantze has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to cover legal expenses due to a suit he says is “frivilous”.

From his fundraising site:

Here’s what happened to me in a nutshell: I worked for free for someone for a year and now he claims I owe him money. Really? That’s how this works for artists now? This has got to stop…for ALL of us!

He’s posted the relevant legal documents in the matter (see links below). My quick read through the documents indicate that some level a partnership was formed between the plaintiff and Michael and his wife. The suit alleges that the Jantzes promised investor funding of $400,000 and the company made expenditures based on that belief, but the money never materialized. The Jantzes deny the promise of a $400,000 investment and are alleging that they spent a year helping this company foregoing other business opportunities and were supposed to be compensated for their efforts but never were.

Here are the relevant docs:

Michael is trying to raise $56,200 through Indiegogo. With 22 days left he’s raised just over $4,500.

Community Comments

#1 dave Nelson
@ 1:22 pm

Absurd. That makes no sense suing for an investment that you’re promising to pay back with interest.

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 8:49 am

If ‘Gates’ pulled this frivilous bull$#!* in any other industry, they’de be blacklisted fast! From my experience cartoonists, often times, aren’t held in the same business regard because of the “fun” nature of our service. Some clients initially chum in and then get all fussy if you aren’t at their every beckon call. Spit in their eye for us all, Michael! Figure my donation’s an insurance premium against being harassed by shoddy “partners”.

#3 Terry LaBan
@ 3:23 pm

I have to say, after reading the legal documents, I find this whole thing a bit confusing. In his request for help, Michael Jantze claims he did some work for Gates “for free” and then Gates turned around and sued him. But the legal documents describe a much more involved relationship, with the Jantzes apparently merging their own animation business(from which I’ve received numerous promotional emails) into his and moving into his offices–in fact one of the Jantze’s claims is for office supplies and art that Gates apparently won’t let them access. The basis for the suit is Gates’ assertion that the Jantzes promised to invest $400,000 in the business, which the Jantzes apparently deny. But clearly, there’s more to this than just a disagreement over some work done on spec. Personally, I wouldn’t be adverse to pitching in a few shekels for the cause. But I’d like to know what really went on.

#4 Terry LaBan
@ 3:23 pm

Oops–I guess “Gates” is the name of a business, not a person. But still.

#5 jose garcia
@ 11:41 am

this kinda CRAP is such a bummer. you probably ‘borrowed’ one too many mediums and a ink bottle. one too many for the scrupples. smh

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