Tom Spurgeon donates personal collection of small press comics to OSU library

Tom Spurgeon, the editor/writer at The Comics Reporter, has donated a sizable personal collection of 1,300 mini-comics to The Dylan Williams Collection at the The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

From the press release:

As soon as The Dylan Williams Collection was announced, Spurgeon answered the call for donations. “I admired Dylan Williams personally and professionally. I think The Dylan Williams Collection is a fantastic way to honor his memory, and will come to provide a deeply valuable service to the creative communities Dylan cared about” says Spurgeon. “Institutions like the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum help maintain comics history in the most precious way imaginable: the direct archiving of the art form. I’m honored they would accept my modest collection as one of the first donations.” Spurgeon’s contribution gives direct substance to the scope of this one-month-old collection, and provides a strong foundation that will enhance its impact and importance.

Spurgeon stated: “I urge all of my friends and all readers of The Comics Reporter with access to handmade and small press comics of the kind Dylan made, published, and promoted, to consider seeing if they might be of use donated to the Dylan Williams Collection.”