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Profiled: Terri Libenson and Pajama Diaries

The Press-Telegram profiles The Pajama Diaries creator Terri Libenson who’s strip recently replaced For Better or For Worse.

Libenson says pushing the envelope is "a part of the honesty of the strip, because Jill has a relationship with her husband regardless of having kids.

“But like me … she’s trying to be everything to everyone, which is like a lot of typical moms out there,” she says. “Where she differs is she’s a lot louder. I tend to be more introverted … where my husband is quite the opposite of the character Rob.”

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 1:51 pm

Awesome. Love ‘Pajama Diaries’. Terri admits to stuff in that strip about parenting that I don’t admit to even other parents I’m friends with. :D

Continued luck with the strip, Terri!

#2 Doug Bratton
@ 9:00 pm

I second that! The Pajama Diaries is an excellent comic. I am a fan.

#3 Joe Engesser
@ 10:55 pm

Fun article! ‘Pajama Diaries’ masterfully injects humor while often times dealing with delicate relationship issues. Truly refreshing, Terri! There’s a misprint, tho…you’re only 22, right?

#4 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:59 am

Great stuff! ;)

#5 Terri Libenson
@ 9:47 am

Thank you so much! And, Joe, you are correct. I am aging backwards.

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