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Profiled: Hy Eisman cartoonist for Popeye, Katzenjammer Kids

The Star-Ledger profiles Hy Eisman, cartoonist for both The Katzenjammer Kids and Popeye (Sundays).

Despite penning two of the most famous comic strips in history, the cartoonist lives in relative anonymity. A neighbor who had done work on Eisman’s house discovered, to his surprise, the cartoonist’s name on the wall of the Popeye museum in Chester, Ill., and said, “I just did that guy’s basement.”

Community Comments

#1 Pete McDonnell
@ 2:46 pm

I think it’s great that he still gets to do what he loves every day at the age of 85. That’s one advantage of drawing comics for a living, you can keep working even when you’re well past ‘retirement age’… !

#2 Joe Vissichelli
@ 1:34 pm

He may have no choice, as with some of the old cartoonists. Let’s hope it’s not the case, but you never know.

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