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Photos of Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

One of the attendees of the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning was Mike Cope who has uploaded 240 photos he took of the event. It?s worth a gander and a mental note to make sure you attend the next one. By the reports I?ve heard from those who went, it was a great event.

Michael Jantze, Dave Coverly, Greg Cravens, Hilary Price, Anne Morse-Hambrock, Stephan Pastis and Norman Feuti.
Pictured above: Dave Coverly, Michael Jantze, Greg Cravens, Hilary Price, Anne Morse-Hambrock, Stephan Pastis and a tuft of Norman Feuti?s hair.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Racine
@ 10:29 am

It was an amazing event! Kudos to Anne Hambrock who shouldered the vast majority of the burden and kept things running smoothly, and her hubby John Hambrock who anchored the proceedings nicely. I was truly honored to be involved as a moderator, which, as Dave Coverly said, when it comes to a bunch of cartoonists, is a lot like herding squirrels.

Mike Cope was there to document it, and his photos are really great. I could stand to lose 30 pounds, but that’s not his fault. It was the highpoint of my professional voice/podcasting career, that’s for sure. I hope they do it again and again.

#2 Norm Feuti
@ 10:42 am

A tuft is all I have left.

Ditto what Tom said. The event was an absolute blast. It was an honor to be a part of it.

#3 Tom Racine
@ 10:46 am

I envy your tuft.

#4 Brian Ponshock
@ 11:23 am

I had a great time. Can’t wait ’til next year! Plus I was able to obtain the piece by Dave Coverly at the auction.

Great job, Anne!

#5 Joe Engesser
@ 12:36 pm

Great photos, Mike! Anne did a spectacular job and the weather cooperated perfectly. Excellent exhibit and presentations, too. Racine’s velvety MCing pulled it all together. A great draw to next year’s event would be an arm wrestling match between Richmond and Pastis.

#6 John Read
@ 1:02 pm

Based on the above photo, it appears the Southern gentleman from Memphis, Mr. Greg Cravens, was the only guest who knows how to dress for such occasions. Please note his headwear.

#7 Mike Cope
@ 1:19 pm

Thanks for sharing, Alan.

Tom and Norm already wrote above about being honored to be involved, and I can only agree. So many fond memories. A wonderful celebration of cartooning.

#8 Anne Hambrock
@ 1:19 pm

Thank you everyone who made the festival so terrific!

There is almost as much to do now that the festival has ended as there was before so I am a little behind……

For now let me just say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Rick Stromoski and the National Cartoonist Society Foundation for making sure we would have a festival this year.

Also thank you to all the guest artists, and to Tom Racine and Mike Cope for all the photos and videos and to all our sponsors – a full list of “thank you”s will be up on the festival site by the end of the week.

@John Read – we missed you!

PS – there is now a video from the auction up and linked at the festival facebook page – I imagine it will be on Tall Tale Radio soon as well!

#9 Stephen Beals
@ 1:29 pm

Agreed. It was really a great event. The Hambrocks did an amazing job.

Those are great pictures, Mike, and when I saw myself I immediately took the pile of dirty clothes off my treadmill.

#10 John Read
@ 6:52 am

Believe me, Anne, when I say I sorely missed being there — especially as I continue to hear how much fun it was. So…when is the 2013 version scheduled?

#11 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:34 pm

Yep, great event and great time. Again kudos to Anne, et al!

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