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Profiled: Daryl Cagle lecturing in India

Daryl Cagle is out and about, this time lecturing in Mumbai India:

“Cartoons are a great barometer of freedom. If a cartoonist can draw the president, then that’s a free press” said noted American Political cartoonist Daryl Cagle. Daryl, currently the editorial cartoonist at NBC News, was in the city on Friday as part of a nationwide speaking tour.

“If I say anything positive, it’s a lousy cartoon. Cartooning is a negative art form,” said the 56-year-old cartoonist while addressing students of the JJ Institute of Applied Art.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 1:24 pm

“Daryl, currently the editorial cartoonist at NBC News,”

Forget India, THIS is news.

#2 Kelly McNutt
@ 2:15 pm

“Cartooning is a negative art form”? Really? He must be regarding political cartooning. Also, what’s wrong with being positive? Positively negative?

If he’s referring to ALL cartooning, what an awful thing to say to students. What an awful thing to say about cartooning, for that matter. I’d agree that cartooning is full of conflict (as well it should be), but I wouldn’t agree that that’s the same as being a negative art form.

#3 Gerry Mooney
@ 4:45 pm

It sounds like he’s talking about editorial cartooning, where the point is to skewer, criticize and hold public figures up for ridicule. It’s not a very clear quote though.

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