Well okay then. Why not naked cartoonists?

Naked Cartoonists edited by Gary Groth

New book edited by Gary Groth called “Naked Cartoonists” will be released in October. My initial reaction was “really? people want to see cartoonists naked?” After perusing a few pages through Amazon’s preview feature, my reaction was, “what a fun project. Well done.”

Cartoons (at least the ones in the preview) are safe. Lots of butt cheeks and meaningfully placed objects in front of certain body parts.

Here’s a preview in video format:

7 thoughts on “Well okay then. Why not naked cartoonists?

  1. I saw some inscriptions to Mark and Rosie on the art. I wonder if those came from Mark and Rosie Cohen’s collection called “The Comic Strip,” in which cartoonists drew themselves in the nude?

    Either way, looks like a fun book.

  2. Yes, this is Rosie McDaniels’ project, a long long time in the works and helped along by many others. It’s a sweet little collection with nice production values (full color throughout), made a little more poignant because a few of the subjects are no longer with us.

  3. And then there was Bob Mankoff’s “The Naked Cartoonist: A New Way to Enhance Your Creativity,” which came out several years ago.

  4. I read Bob Mankoff’s book a short while back and wasn’t impressed. This book seems more intriguing. Besides the illustrations of the artists, is the alternate page a description of the artist and their work?

  5. I saw an advance copy of this recently when at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. It’s only a sampling of the many Mark had in his collection… it was a sort of signature thing he asked artists to do for him. Some of the gags those that did it came up with are priceless. It was also amazing to me how many big names in the business had no qualms about the risque subject matter. Many handled it very tastefully… a few went wild.

    The only thing that disappointed me was that some well-known cartoonists (who shall remain nameless) are not included in the book even though I know they did naked drawings for Mark because I’ve seen them. A few I know for certain would have been included automatically, so I assume they didn’t grant permission to be in the book. None that I am thinking of were gratuitous in any way, so I guess they just didn’t want to be a part of a book (although perhaps other factors are involved). That’s a shame, because there were some good ones not included?but I suppose these were done as private drawings for Mark and Rosie, and having them be part of a published book is another thing altogether.

    Anyway, I thought the book looked great, and it will be a fun thing to have on the ol’ bookshelf.

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