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Drawing Fire: Bill Mauldin exhibit

Bill Mauldin exhibit

This summer is an exhibit called “Drawing Fire” at the The First Division Museum at Cantigny (Wheaton, IL) featuring the work of Bill Mauldin.

The exhibit tells the GI story using Mauldin’s cartoons and the some of the museum’s extensive but rarely seen World War II collection. The visitor will see more than forty of Mauldin’s cartoons and a variety of artifacts including personal objects carried by soldiers, equipment, decorations, and letters written home during the war. In addition, an interactive allows visitors can hear German weapons and artillery that GIs would have faced.

The exhibit runs through September 3rd.

Community Comments

#1 Cody Ford
@ 2:17 pm

I loved Bill Mauldin. Such a heavy influence on me growing up as a young cartoonist.

The exhibit looks fabulous. Wish I could be there.


#2 Norm Feuti
@ 2:25 pm

I highly recommend the Willie & Joe collection put out by Fantagraphics a few years back. Beautiful books.

#3 David Jones
@ 2:40 pm

I wish I could draw Fire…. I seem to only draw Flies….

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 3:57 pm

This is within an hour’s drive for me.
Gonna check it out.

#5 T. Brian Kelly
@ 3:51 pm

I’ll be there at Cantigny on Sarurday about 12-1, Stacy. Maybe we can meet up Mauldin was a huge influence on me growing up in Chicago in the 60’s and early 70’s.

#6 Mike Garman
@ 4:56 am

Bill was Great

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