Cartoonist Studio releases first three ebooks

New eBooks from Crazy Goat Publishing

The Cartoonist Studio has announced that its publishing arm Crazy Goat Publishing is three ebook graphic novels by Kory Merritt. Kory was the 2007 Locher Award winner and creator of The Lost Side of Suburbia of which these ebooks are from.

The first ebook released is “Heckbender,” which features a child-eating monster. The second, “No Story, No Room,” involves a milquetoast man facing down ghoulish thieves, swamp creatures, and an ice cream conspiracy and the third book is entitled “Derring-Do Dan” and focuses on an over-the-hill adventurer trying to prove his worth.

The ebooks are available for Apple and Android devices. Those with Android devices can download the following titles at these links: Derring-Do Dan, No Story, No Room, and Heckbender.

Those with iOS devices: Derring-Do Dan, No Story, No Room and Heckbender

3 thoughts on “Cartoonist Studio releases first three ebooks

  1. Very cool. It is great seeing the Cartoonist Studio moving forward, full steam ahead with their publishing model. Hopefully this will be successful and open up new opportunities for us!!!

    Now, where do I go to submit my “novel idea”??? I am sure the CS can promote my book “Plan ANT Nine” better than I can with my 6 fans and 12 groupies…. lolol………

  2. The Lost Side of Suburbia is way awesome.

    Kory weaves a fantastic story masterfully displaying every emotion using light, shadows, water colors and bold lines. His stories and artwork are long lasting memories. His story weave just enough fiction to make one believe that his tells have really taken place in history!

    I actually printed(and still have!) the “Ice Cream Conspiracy” from the GoComics site just so that i could have my own “book”

    Thank you Crazy Goat for publishing these wonderful tales!

  3. If you are just discovering Lost Side of Suburbia, I envy you. One of the greatest pleasures of my life was reading these stories. Kory is a master storyteller.

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