Joe Kubert passes at age 85

Comic legend Joe Kubert has passed away at age 85.

Tom Spurgeon, as usual, has the obit of record.

Like many cartoonists born in the 1920s, Kubert was a precocious drawer. He first drew around the home and in the neighborhood, encouraged by his family and neighbors. “I was really blessed and fortunate that I could pursue that which I loved to do,” Kubert told interviewer Gary Groth in 1994. “I recall that when I was a kid of three or four, I used to be given boxes of chalk by the neighborhood people — penny boxes of chalk, so I could draw in the gutters. They enjoyed seeing me draw.” Despite his parents sharing in a popular conception of the time not to let children pursue an activity for which there might not be future gainful employment, Kubert describes himself as lucky that his parents never deterred him in his artistic pursuits.

7 thoughts on “Joe Kubert passes at age 85

  1. Sorry to hear this. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Sgt. Rock. I did a lot of drawings of his characters’ faces back then. They fascinated me. It’s great that he went on to teach so many cartoonists.

  2. A great comic book artist, one of the best. His work had a unique look: dynamic, organic and instantly recognizable. He has an incredible body of work behind him.

  3. One of my boyhood heroes. His work on Sgt. Rock left an indelible mark on me and pretty much set the mold for war comics.

    I got to meet him at the Jersey City Reubens last year (or the year before?)and I was transformed instantly into a fanboy. I hope people standing around didn’t notice.

    A real gentleman. Can’t say enough.

  4. I have several great memories of this master cartoonist and wonderful man, but the weekend twenty years ago I spent with him (his son, Adam, and Hy Eisman, too) participating in a cartooning workshop in Nashville takes the prize. During the final review phase of our assignment, in the last hour or so, Joe sat down to critique my work…and then proceeded to ink over my penciled drawing of a monster! I have enjoyed the company of this comics icon many times since then, and watched as he was gracious to each and every fan who approached him. What a class act. His passing diminishes my world.

  5. I still treasure Joe Kubert’s 3-D “TOR” comic book I bought back in the 50’s. I think he was a mentor for many cartoonists. RIP

  6. Saddened. All my heroes are checking out before I get a chance to meet them. You would think after drawing all these years I would of met more by now.

  7. A great Cartoonist, like many others, I read Sgt. Rock, couldn?t wait for the next issue.
    He surely will be missed.

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