Ollie and Quentin now on GoComics.com

Ollie and Quentin on GoComics.com

Ollie and Quentin, created by Piers Baker, is now rerunning on GoComics.com. Ollie and Quentin ended its syndication last year after a four year run in newspapers. The feature also continues to run in reruns on King Feature’s Daily Ink subscription service.

7 thoughts on “Ollie and Quentin now on GoComics.com

  1. Piers is a great guy. Love seeing his strip again. Bring on some new ones!!!!! Best add to Go Comics this year. I have questioned a few of the adds, but this one is awesome.

  2. Now gocomics.com airs 2 sets of reruns of strips originally run by King Features: First it was My Cage, now it’s Ollie and Quentin.

  3. Thanks everyone. I loved being with King Features but as Tom Falco says, a good online presence is what comics need today. With over 2 million visitors a day Go Comics is now the best place Ollie and Quentin can be.

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