Todd Clark, T Lewis launch new webcomic

Mr. Gigi and the Squid by Todd Clark and T Lewis

Todd Clark, creator of Lola and T Lewis co-creator of Over the Hedge, have launched a new webcomic on The new feature, Mr. Gigi and the Squid isn’t exactly new. The two cartoonists developed the characters for a TV pitch a couple of years back and decided to continue development of the feature as a webcomic. In the near future the two hope to have a website up and running and build an audience on both GoComics and their own.

Here’s its description on GoComics.

When a self-serving, completely inept street-hustling mutt crosses the Peaches, a deranged Daisy Scout, his only refuge is to submit to the disturbingly obsessive ownership of 10-year-old tornado, Candi Cankerson. In her hyper-active clutches he goes from rough ‘n’ rowdy to pink ‘n’ poofy in a heartbeat. The catch?… The newly crowned “Mr. Gigi” all- too-quickly becomes addicted to basic cable, generic cheese doodles and mildly stained sofa cushions. He can’t go back to the streets now, unless he scores big-time. Still a schemer, Mr. Gigi kidnaps Waldorf the Squid from Donny’s Disco-Quarium to supply the brawn his spectacularly lame plans will demand. What he hasn’t counted on is that this sheltered – but not completely clueless – gentle giant also provides the conscience Gigi’s worked his whole life to avoid.

20 thoughts on “Todd Clark, T Lewis launch new webcomic

  1. It’s funny because I first saw this feature earlier today featured on the GoComics homepage, but had assumed it was drawn by an Over the Hedge admirer — the paws are iconic.

    Still, I’ve gotta agree with John Read about the font selection …

    I’ve always loved the art in OTH, but I kinda get the feeling this one is intentionally being drawn, well, like a webcomic?

  2. Thanks, Alan, for this…
    And yep, John. I figured somebody would call me on it.
    I might create a unique font for the strip eventually. For now– Comic Sans. If it helps, think of it as ironic.

    David – very much appreciate the comment. We’ll strive to keep amusing you…if you can look past the font.

    Mike…the only intent is to do something pretty alien to Hedge, stylistically (‘cept for the paws, I guess). Kinda retro…explore Peewee’s Playhouse colors. A lot of cut n paste…like a Colorforms kit. All while keeping an eye on the clock since this thing pays zip.

  3. I don’t mind the font. I cheat and use a font myself for Charmy’s Army. My handwriting is SO terrible that I had to chose either cartooning or being a doctor. I chose cartooning…. I was young and stupid.

    Now I am just OLD and stupid.

  4. I’ve been enjoying the new comic. It definitely stands out and has more of a web-designed feel. I guess that means it’s obviously not meant for the limitations of a newspaper strip.

    Eddie, that Onion piece was fantastic!

  5. I took a peek because I was curious and after two comics I had to turn my eyes away because they were in pain.

    First comic sans is an awful choice, it’s not ironic or funny it’s a sign of poor draftsmanship and a slight on the art community.

    Second, the quality of the art is full of aliases and the bright colors only detract from the reading and I can’t find the humor in it.

    Saying it looks like a “webcomic” is a slight in itself. I know a large majority of webcomics look bad, but there are also professionally done comics that work on the web. It’s like saying that Troma films are the same quality as a Stephen Spielberg feature and that if you make something as awful as a Troma Film you can put it in the same category as a Spielberg feature.

    I hope this is a practical joke and not a real attempt at putting together a comic series on the web or anywhere.

  6. I noticed on your blog, Birdie, that you are soliciting art advice. Perhaps you better stick to that for a while — before you start giving it.

  7. The writing isn’t hateful but I have to kind of agree with Birdie on the art. It looks awful and not due to a lack of drawing skill but more a lack of experience with the art program used to make it.

  8. I have to agree with Birdie also, I read a few of them and had to stop in fear of it rubbing off on me and ruining my own comic strip.

  9. There have been a lot of anonymous comments lately. What happened to the first/last name rule?

  10. The problem I have with webcomics are those that appear computer generated and not hand-drawn at all. Personally, they do nothing for me. The writing can be good but I still love seeing great art also. I still think natural artistic talent should be the prerequisite for creating any comic strip, let alone being syndicated. But that’s just my 2 cents.

  11. @Norm, I hope you don’t mean me, birdie is my pen name and the one I go by 98% of the time, but if adding my last name makes you feel better I’ll include it with my comments from now on.

  12. “Art is in the eye of the beholder” said the man who squirted a tube of cyan watercolor in my face last year….

    Everyone has their opinion. I stand by mine. Awesome work.

  13. Thanks, everybody…It’s good grist for our creative mill. Pro or con, it’s so cool to see the passion here about comics. It still is a thrill to be part of a great American art form – whether you think Gigi contributes to the grooviness or not. On that I’ll just say, early days, yet.
    John – I’m on that plane with you in a heartbeat.

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