Team Cul de Sac Auction opens

Danielle Corsetto's Team Cul de Sac contribution

At last the auction of all the generously donated art to The Team Cul de Sac book is now available for everyone to bid on.

The book is a work of art by itself – if you’ve ordered a copy, you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t, head over and do so. There are A LOT of great art work in that book. I’m pretty sure the Bill Watterson oil painting will quickly be bid out of my range, but I plan on bidding on a few pieces that I hope to pick up like Danielle Corsetto’s contribution (above).

2 thoughts on “Team Cul de Sac Auction opens

  1. I just bid $1,000 on the Watterson piece. Outbid! I think my wife will divorce me if I go any higher.

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