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2013 Reuben Award Weekend to be held in Pittsburgh

Get ready Pennsylvania, next year’s National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards will be held in Pittsburgh. The official dates will be May 24-26 and be held at the Omni William Penn Hotel. So far the only thing planned this far in advance that I’m aware of is from The Toonseum which says they will be featuring an exhibit of original art from every Reuben Award winner.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:00 am

Make your hotel reservations now.

#2 "Tiki" Carol Leach
@ 12:39 pm

ummmm it’s
with an H

#3 Richard Braley
@ 12:56 pm

Thanks Tiki.

#4 Alan Gardner
@ 1:14 pm


#5 Mike Ostresh
@ 10:20 pm

Would love to see the NCS consider St. Louis someday. Lots of hotels, convention center and World Class baseball!!

#6 Mike Ostresh
@ 10:26 pm

Let’s not forget former hometown of Mike Peter’s, along with other area St. Louis talents like Glenn McCoy and many other amazing cartoonists and Illustrators! St. Louis would be a perfect for the NCS someday. How about it??

#7 Mike Lester
@ 7:51 am

St. Louis is a great town. So is Las Vegas. Unfortunately the NCS was $100.00 (round trip) cab ride from Henderson to Las Vegas.

#8 John Cole
@ 8:25 am

I might actually make it to Pixburgh.

#9 DJ Coffman
@ 1:30 pm

I’ll be there ;)

#10 Donald A. Rex Jr.
@ 10:29 pm

David Folkman gave me this link to a trove of photos of cavorting cartoonists at the March gathering.

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