Happy birthday american editorial cartooning

Benjamin Franklin's Join or Die cartoon

Today marks the 258th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die” cartoon – often thought of as the first editorial cartoon in the Americas. It was published in the Pennsylvania Gazette as a rallying cry unity among the colonies.

May the profession continue for many more years and cartoons with labels many more years beyond that.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday american editorial cartooning

  1. Congrats!! I love the funny satire of editorial cartooning. It never matters whether I agree or disagree with a cartoon, because the true beauty of any editorial cartoon are how good the gags are and how they’re constructed.

  2. While clearly Franklin included labeling in this first EdToon he at least should be applauded for refraining from cross-hatching.

  3. somehow, over the years, labeling on and cross-hatching in EdToons became WRONG

  4. Dunno about labeling, but crosshatching is not the easiest thing to do well and additionally has a history dating back to 1450 and before while hatching itself dates back to 1300… Nothing wrong with any technique in art if it is executed well.

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