Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashings

Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh has been sentenced to 25 lashings after drawing an Iranian parliament member in a football jersey. The cartoon appeared in the magazine Nameye Amir.

While I’m not 100% certain, the image left might be the offending image.

11 thoughts on “Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashings

  1. Whoa, lashings for drawing a cartoon. I would think it was time to relocate. Seriously, it’s a cartoon, I will never understand the outrageous penalties in foreign lands for drawing certain images.
    I consider that blasphemy on Artistic Freedom.

  2. Yeah, this is old school getting beat up for making fun of someone more powerful than you. It was certainly very brave of the cartoonist to create it, and very bullying ad immature for the politician to react that way.

  3. A very short list would be things that DON’T offend or WON’T get you beaten or killed or censored or sent to jail in those countries that love, Love, LOVE to crush the hopes and dreams of anyone with a differing opinion… When religion and politics are blood brothers, blood will be spilled.

  4. Did he draw the parliament member in a Dallas Cowboys jersey? Cause I can certainly understand the punishment if so… Go Skins!

  5. @Keith….Great point! This had to have gotten past an editor or somebody.

    @Daniel…The Deadskins finally get themselves a potential franchise QB to build around so now you feel the need to pound your chest. Win the NFC East for a change, THEN you can talk.

    Go Cowboys!

  6. Why is drawing a parliment member in a football jersey an offense? … Even in stupid Iran it’s hard to figure this one. What am I missing?

  7. Seems to me Iran is in serious need of an overwhelming graffiti movement. I’m thinking saturation postings of government and religious figure cartoons till they cry, “Uncle.”

    Or is it “Ayatollah?”

  8. That’s just messed up. In the article Alan links to, they don’t even bother to mention what his offense was. Was it actually a crime or did he just annoy the wrong person? Either way, this treatment is criminal.

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