Ruben Bolling launches Inner Hive

Ken Fisher (AKA Ruben Bolling) has announced that he’s created a monetizing effort called the “Inner Hive” to fans of his comic Tom the Dancing Bug.

Tom the Dancing Bug was originally conceived as a newspaper comic strip, and you may have heard about the financial problems newspapers have had over the past few years. Those problems have had a devastating impact on the financial viability of the strip. With my great partner, the Universal Uclick Syndicate, it still has print clients, for which I’m very grateful, and I’m so proud to work with web clients like Boing Boing and Daily Kos, which have become absolutely vital, mostly because of the huge exposure they afford.

The comic strip is more well-read and well-known than ever, but it makes far less money than it used to. This seems to me an anomaly — as the comic is enjoyed (hopefully) by more people, it should generate more, not less, revenue.

The hive is a weekly private email program that will include advance comics, contests, give-aways to its subscribers. The cost runs $9.99 for six months.

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