Dan Collins releases eBook for iPad and Kindle

Cartoons That Will Send Me Straight To Hell by Dan Collins
Cartoons That Will Send Me Straight To Hell by Dan Collins

Dan Collins, perhaps best known for his cartoons in Hustler magazine, has created an eBook and is releasing them in both through iBookstore (iPad) and Amazon (Kindle)
. The book is entitled, “Cartoons That Will Send Me Straight To Hell” and contains 100+ pages of his cartoons originally published in magazines, newspapers and greeting cards.

As a matter of the nitty-gritty how-to stuff, Dan tells me he taught himself how to create an eBook using the epub file format to give him more freedom to release the eBook on different devices. He also created an iTunes Producer and Kindle Direct accounts, bought the ISBNs and created a store front using Kagi and then will be using social media to advertise the book’s availability. Be sure to read his blog about more of the considerations and lessons learned in creating a universal eBook.

He writes:

Self publishing has always been a dream since before I started working professionally in 1976. This is the dream come true. I am a bona fide publisher to boot. Next up will be a fixed layout book which is well suited for comic strips that need to be in a landscape orientation. I just finished an online course for those.

E-publishing is the best thing since paper and given that publishers have scaled back on cartoon collections in print, a cartoonist now has a very viable outlet for his/her work and the total control we could only hope for in the past.

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  1. My second book, “More Cartoons…etc” was launched last week and has a lot more in the way of text styling and design to make it look just like a real book with drop caps, indents, first line small caps and pull quotes. And of course cartoons!

  2. I set up my account with Nook and will be offering the books for sale there too. There are other ebook sellers but these three are pretty much all you need to concern yourself with so far for meaningful sales numbers.

  3. My book is now LIVE on the iBookstore. I have free promo copies for reviewers so if you have a book blog or just a famous one please get in touch with me to get your copy. Or if you are a cartoonist who would like to join the fold of Fun-E-Books Publishing and would like to see what I can do for you in getting e-published I would be happy to supply you with one.

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