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Venezuelan cartoonist threated after state-run program called her work racist

Venezuelan cartoonist Rayma Suprani has filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office after receiving threatening emails and tweats after the state-run TV program “La Hojilla” called her work “racist and classist.”

Suprani said that the messages issued by late night show The Razorblade, aired in state-run TV, are part of a “well organized state policy aimed at intimidating the democratic voices that criticize the government’s management and promoting the moral destruction (and maybe even physical) of those who are described as enemies, as Stalinist and fascist regimes used to do.”

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 4:34 pm

If I tweet my own sweat, is it a “tweat”? ;)

#2 Dave Stephens
@ 4:23 pm

Typo, Alan – tweat should be tweet.

And this kind of asinine and destructive abuse of power against cartoonists happens constantly in Communist and Socialist countries but also in so-called ‘Democratic’ countries…

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