Rare Calvin & Hobbes, comic book art up for auction

Heritage Auction will be auctioning off several highly prized pieces of comic art next month including on original Calvin & Hobbes cover art for Bill Watterson’s 1989-1990 18-month calendar that is expected to fetch more than $50,000. Due to Watterson’s reclusiveness and that he kept most of his artwork to himself, the few originals that are out in private collections aren’t usually publicly available.

Watterson’s original belonged to the Billy Wright Collection which will also auction off several highly prized comic books including Detective Comics #27 (the first appearance of “The Bat Man”) with an estimated value of $475,000, Action Comics #1 estimated value $325,000, All-American Comics #16 (the debut of Green Lantern) estimated value $125,000, Batman #1 estimated value $125,000) and Marvel Comics #1 with an estimate value of $125,000. Auctioneers estimate the total collection to be valued at over $6 million.

Smash open those piggy banks, folks. Auction will be held Feb. 22-24 in New York City.

Correction: The Bill Watterson piece was incorrectly reported as being part of the Billy Wright Collection. It is consigned by Rick Marschall, the Komic Kosmonaut.

Update: Here is an image of the Watterson piece.

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