Hugh MacLeod becomes college’s official cartoonist

Babson College has partnered with Gaping Void creator Hugh MacLeod to create cartoons to inspire entrepreneurial students.

“The cartoons make statements, spark conversations, and inspire action. They help us communicate our belief in the power of entrepreneurship in organizations of all shapes and sizes and our strategy to lead the advancement of Entrepreneurship of All Kinds (R) to make a better world,” says Babson President Len Schlesinger.

More information about the partnership over on BostInno.

“When I was a kid, we didn’t have to learn how to be entrepreneurs,” MacLeod said. “Those jobs that were waiting for me, aren’t waiting for them anymore.”

MacLeod called Babson one of the only schools “situated for the new reality,” claiming that traditional academia is really only well suited for the scientist or academic.

One thought on “Hugh MacLeod becomes college’s official cartoonist

  1. It’s nice to see that someone is targeting their audience in an effort to encourage self-improvement.

    The one thing I am curious about is… why do this as a cartoon? And will it be effective?

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