Jeff Payden’s Biff & Riley moves to

Jeff Payden’s Biff & Riley comic has moved from Comic Sherpa to as of Monday where it will be updated on Monday and Wednesdays. Jeff put the strip on Sherpa back in 2010. Biff & Riley are two dog brothers with completely different personalities and the strip follows their adventures.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Payden’s Biff & Riley moves to

  1. I read about this earlier in the week. I recall last year’s contest by the Cartoonist Studio where I competed against Jeff and his strip. I had picked him to win the contest last year. His work is amazing.

    Congrats Jeff!!! I am so glad to see such a nice guy with such awesome talent make it onto GoComics…. mainly because that means I don’t have to compete against you again this year in the Cartoonist Studios contest!!!!!

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

    Good luck Jeff!!!! Take this opportunity and SHINE!!!!!!!

    – Dave Jones

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