Scott Adams announces candidacy for President

From Scott Adam’s blog:

Today I’m declaring my candidacy for President of the United States. I’ll be running as an Independent. Getting on the ballot in every state won’t be a problem, thanks to

You might have some concern about the fact that I have no moral center, no relevant experience, a history of public pranks, and a penchant for flip-flopping. But watch now as I convert those problems into advantages.

In jest I’m sure. Also in jest: Good luck getting the women’s vote or the men’s vote too.

4 thoughts on “Scott Adams announces candidacy for President

  1. Alan, maybe you can moderate a debate between Scott and Ted Rall—who I believe is also pretending to run for president.

  2. @Jim Lavery I’m not well up to date on that but from what I understood last time I looked into that, Rall bailed on it when the plans were being finalized. I honestly dont think that the debate will happen (no matter how good of a debate it would be).

    I originaly had a half-way decent rant on what the real discussion should be but honestly it wont matter. I’d rather avoid another web vs. print war on here.

    Now back to the article, good luck Adams. I’m sure you will beat out Bart Simpson and Seymour Butts in the polls.

  3. A throwback to other comic strip and cartoon campaigns like:
    Snoopy for President
    Pogo for President
    Winnie the Pooh for President
    Put a Brain (from Pinky and the Brain) in the White House

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