Engadget looks at Nook, Fire as comic readers

Engadget reviews the Kindle Fire and Nook tablet as comic reading devices:

So, how are Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet when it comes to reading comics? In a word: good. The Fire borrows a page from Comixology’s playbook, offering up the ability to read the thing panel by panel — a feature, Comixology has pointed out, that is also handy for those who haven’t quite mastered the art of reading comics. We’re told those people are, in fact, out there. The app is lacking in some features, like pinch to zoom, but overall does a perfectly serviceable job handling sequential art, and will likely move a lot of product for DC, thanks to the licensing deal struck between the two companies.

They’ve also posted video of the products as well.

I’m an Apple fan-boy so I’ve had the iPad almost from the beginning and have tried to use it to read books, comics, etc. I found the experience to be… meh. I still much prefer to sit down and read comics “analog-ly.”