Boom! names artists working on Charlie Brown comic book

Boom! Studios has announced that the following artists will be working on the Charlie Brown comic book: Vicki Scott, Paige Braddock, Shane Houghton and Matt Whitlock. The press release notes that the first issue will be “written and drawn by Charles Schulz” with additional stories by the above mentioned artists.

They’ve produced a teaser comic book (issue #0) that is already in stores. There has been some discussion about whether Peanuts creator Charles Schulz would have approved of new material being produced. The commonly held understanding is that he didn’t want anyone else carrying his work.

Robot6 quotes Dr. Michael J. Vassallo who says:

“From a variety of sources, I learned that these DELL issues were produced by a crew of artists working for Schulz and who did advertising artwork for him. The main artist was Dale Hale. This information has been confirmed for me by the late comic strip art collector/historian/agent Mark J. Cohen, who was gracious enough to ask Charles M. Schulz over dinner about his contribution to those Dell issues. Mr. Schulz enumerated that he did the very first one himself with Jim Sasseville doing the next few and Dale Hale doing all the rest.”

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  1. It was really that bad, Mark? I’ll have to check it out when I’m in my local comics shop next time.

  2. I’m happy to discover that there is going to be a new book. Charles M Schultz is my absoulute favorite of all time, I am looking forword to buying my first copy.

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