Donation drive results: I’ve got the best readers in the blogosphere

As many of you are aware last week I ran my annual donation drive with a goal of raising the equivalent of $7.25 (minimum wage) for the work I do here on the blog. When the dust had settled my readers donated the equivalent of $4.77. A bit shy of the goal, but it surpassed earlier donation drives. I’m happy with the results.

The drive is a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. It’s akin to begging and I dislike that aspect of it. On the flip side, when I see the list of individuals who donate – a wide spectrum of people ranging from the college cartoonist who’s just starting out to A-List cartoonists, I’m humbled that the blog is valued by so many people and it deeps my resolve to continue the endeavor.

Another part of the roller coaster was the observation of the donation amounts. There were a few more of the higher end ($50+) donations but considerably much more of the $10 donations than in years past. The economy has affected us all and I know artists can be especially hit hard. Many noted with their donation that they wish they could contribute more. The fact that they did contribute means more than the actual monetary value of their donation.

With the money, I’ve mentally budgeted out that I can attend and cover a couple of events this year. I’ve also decided to reserve approximately 25% of the funds to donate back to worthy cartooning projects I’ve wanted to support in the past but couldn’t due to limited funds.

I thank you all that donated. Please be sure to check the homepage for the list of individuals that donated. If you donated and your name is NOT on the list and I haven’t contacted you for permission (and you want it to be listed), please email me. If you’d still like to donate you can still do so.

P.S. The list of donors is long and I hope you’ll click through and check out their websites. One donor in particular had me link off to a quirky little site not associated with their work. Think of it as an Easter egg. Enjoy.

One thought on “Donation drive results: I’ve got the best readers in the blogosphere

  1. I enjoyed that easter egg, I accidentally found it the day it was posted. It’s a funny site.

    Alan you have to know that the hard work and time you put into this site is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do to help us procrastinate by reading The Daily Cartoonist.

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