Fundraiser started to erect Harvey Pekar statue

A Kickstarter project has been started to raise $30,000 for a statue of Harvey Pekar to be placed the Cleveland Heights public library, a place Harvey often would go to work.

Harvey’s connection to the library and librarians he loved is described in this last video, as well. But, if you really did read all the way to the bottom of this, it can be assumed that you’re a literate and flexible thinker, someone who also loves his or her own library. No one’s talking about erecting Comics as Art & Literature desks in other libraries yet. It could happen… Joyce would agree. But the truth is, the Estate of Harvey Pekar is pretty much just Joyce with the help of some friends. She can not afford to bankroll this project herself and things would have been so much easier for her if she could have simply sprinkled Harvey’s ashes in the backyard.

If, after all the bills have been paid, there’s any money left over, that cash goes to buy still more graphic novels for the library.

As of this writing the project has raised $3,917 of the $30,000 with 30 days left.

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