About the 2011 Donation Drive

I skipped the donation drive last year. I spent quite a lot of time reflecting if the blog was the best use of my time. Quite honestly for several weeks I considered walking away – even going as far as researching how to sell the blog and writing a draft announcing that it was going up for sale. I’d say the turning point was on April 18 – the day the Pulitzers were announced. I posted the news and settled back into my day job when I received a text message from an editorial cartoonist I had met at the previous year’s AAEC convention. I was surprised to get his text because we hadn’t talked to since the convention. We exchanged a few messages regarding our opinions/observations about the announcement. The exchange made me realize once again the blog is a connection to a community and people that I cared about and I appreciated that someone from that community had reached out to me.

I’m sure you all have your own reasons why you visit regularly. It’s a news source, a community or the industry water cooler. For whatever reason you make this a regular read, I thank you for including the blog in your day.

If the blog is of any value to you, I’d appreciate it if you’d make a donation to help keep it going.

As in previous donation drives, I’ll list the names of those donors* on the home page along with a link to their website, book, or project. It’s a small token of appreciation.

Thank you all again.


* Donations by default are private. After donating you should arrive on a Thank You page where you can specify if you’d like me to mention your name. Once permission is granted, I’ll add your name and link to the homepage.

7 thoughts on “About the 2011 Donation Drive

  1. Alan, Have you considered designing official Daily Cartoonist merchandise, t shirts , mugs, mousepads, etc on Cafepress or Zazzle, I am sure many people who read this fantastic blog would buy an item or two

  2. You had me at ‘skipped’…..

    Thanks for not driving. Money sent. Love your site and appreciate your persistence in caring what’s going on. 🙂

  3. Done and done! Wish I could do more for all you do. And for the record, I’d probably buy a DC t-shirt or mug. (And I grew up a Marvel guy, even!)

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