New Dr. Suess collection of ‘lost’ stories hitting bookstores

Cory Doctrow over at Boing Boing writes about a new collection of lost, unpublished or early work for Dr. Suess that was recently released. The book is entitled, “The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories“.

Cory writes:

The publication of a new Seuss collection is reason to celebrate in and of itself, and Bippolo Seed is more than a curiosity or a completist’s collection of offcuts — much of the material in this book stands with Seuss’s best-loved work. The illustrations are classic Seuss and full of wit and irreverence, though the ratio of words to pictures is a lot wordier than the typical Seuss, owing, I suppose, to the constraints of the original magazine publication. If I had to choose a favorite from among these, it’d be “The Great Henry McBride,” (MP3) about a young fellow who can’t make up his mind on a single career and demands that the world accommodate his wish for excitement and novelty through his whole life.

3 thoughts on “New Dr. Suess collection of ‘lost’ stories hitting bookstores

  1. I saw this book sold at Costco, but didn’t buy it. Although I looked through it and noticed one of the stories – “The Rabbit, the Bear, and the Zingra-Zingra” was originally released on LP audio form on the 1960’s RCA Dr. Suess record “Fox in Socks/Green Eggs and Ham” with narration by actor Marvin Miller and music by Marty Gold and His Orchestra.

  2. oh no.. i don’t need another Dr SEUSS book – we have the whole collection – the kids always want me to read them – they’re kind of annoying to read! 🙂

  3. There is “classic Seuss” and there is “post-cat” Seuss. The old stuff is great. The new stuff, as Nancy notes, is pretty annoying.

    I can’t imagine how horrible the stuff he decided not to release must be.

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