My Cage creators to create Santa vs Dracula

My Cage creators Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power will be producing a graphic novel called Santa vs Dracula and is soliciting donations through Kickstarter. Here’s their description:

‘Santa vs Dracula’ is full color graphic novel about Count Dracula invading Santa Claus’s workshop with an army of monsters (Frankenstein’s Monster, Mr. Hyde, Invisible Man, the Wicked Witch of the West, etc) in order to gain Santa’s ability to enter people’s homes at will. Of course, Santa has his own allies and they aren’t about to give the big-guy up without a fight!

For more information and to pledge visit their Kickstarter page.

14 thoughts on “My Cage creators to create Santa vs Dracula

  1. Thanks Alan!

    Basically, we need the funds to get this finsihed in time to meet the publisher’s deadline, and if we get published, we can look into a studio deal, but in order to do that we need the funding.

    Either that, or I’m a t-com tech the rest of my life. 😀 😀 😀

    So, if you would buy the book anyway, you can consider this a pre-order and get the book cheap AND with a bunch of SWAG!

    First day, we have 5 donors and about $100. Not bad. We’re doing a biggger push on Monday. I’ll let you all know what happens.

    Thanks again.


  2. BTW: I think we’re going to need about 450-500 donors. I’ll keep you updated.

    First day and we have 5 and 1 pending (whom i have to get back to right now 🙂 .

    Keep watching, and Thanks!

  3. Hey Ed – I do remember that fan email you sent which was 3+ years ago. It’s scary how time flies. I’m glad to see you are hard at work at another project. It’s such a fun, original concept. Best of luck with it.

  4. This is even at the 1 year point when the last MyCage comic strip episode distributed by King Features Ed and Mel did ran. But I hope after sales of Santa VS. Dracula happen the MyCage comic could be revived on as a webcomic with new episodes focusing on the married and family life of Norm and Bridget.

  5. We’re at $1570 aand 15% with 49 donors after 3 days.

    Thanks to everyone who as donated so far, or just took the time to read our pitch.

    I read a stat that 90% of the projects that reach 30% reach their goal, so if you’re thinking of pre-ordering, don’t delay.

    Remember, read the preview pages, if it’s something you would order anyway, do so now, and you get the book cheaper with a bunch of SWAG!

  6. Day 4 update: $2,085, 21% of our goal, 26 days to go.

    Again, if you read the preview pages on the kickstarter campaign, and the book is something you would buy anyway, you can pre-order it on kickstarter for cheap, get free SWAG, and help us fund the project. 🙂

    Thanks for listening.

    -Ed Power,
    Cage Writer

  7. SANTA VS DRACULA UPDATE: 36% in only six days!

    Thanks to anyone who helped by either donating or just by clicking the link (more clicks the higher we are on the ‘most popular’ list of campaigns).

    Again, if you go to the link, and like the sample pages (worth a look just because Melissa’s art work rocks!) and would buy the book anyway, you can get it cheaper and with a bunch of free swag through kickstarter:

  8. SANTA VS DRACULA UPDATE: 38% in 7 days.

    Even more inpressive consider I botched the last update (we were at 32% not 36. The amount had a 6 in it, so I messed up).

    Anyway, thanks to anyone who has donated or just put up with these updates. 🙂


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