Check out: Rejection note to Marmaduke creator

Zombie Boy creator Mark Stokes found a rejection note sent to Marmaduke creator Brad Anderson around 1958 by an unknown syndicate editor. See Mark’s site for the photo of the note which reads, “This one is a preposterous as the one showing Marmaduke sitting in the barber’s chair, remember? I just can’t buy this one!”

From Mark:

It just goes to show that no matter how high up into the mountains you climb, you still have to deal with a few critical Yetis along the way! I know this editor was just doing his job, but I have to say Mr. Anderson probably knows a thing or two about squeezing the juice out of a gag, and I thought the strip was perfectly fine as it was. Still, it’s a fun find, something you don’t see every day.

Unfortunately a copy of the rejected strip wasn’t posted. Would have liked to see it.

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