Aaron McGruder co-writes upcoming George Lucas film

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder is the co-writer to a new film coming out this January financed by George Lucas about the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. The movie is entitled “Red Tails” and is due out in January.

Mr. Hemingway said that Mr. Lucas, who served as executive producer on the film, was a “great collaborator” and encouraged him to “think outside the box on the combat scenes.”

To punch up the humor in the movie and strengthen the story line, Mr. McGruder, known for his irreverent “Boondocks” cartoon, was brought in to rework the script.

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One thought on “Aaron McGruder co-writes upcoming George Lucas film

  1. That’s so funny, considering the persistence of McGruder’s Lucas-skewering back in the early days of The Boondocks’ run. (highlight: When Huey found out that the second prequel was to be titled “Attack of the Clones,” he wrote a concerned letter to Lucas that said, IIRC, “Dear Mr. Lucas, I think there is something important you should know. Crack kills.”)

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