Which comics were dropped and picked up this week?

Things must be somewhat settle. I haven’t seen many reports of comics being dropped/picked up in a while. There are a few to report. Michael Cavna reports that the Washington Post is now running Frazz in their Style section daily. Apparently Frazz was running in the KidsPost but not daily. The Post also moves Doonesbury and Cul de Sac on the comics page whereas before they were found in other pages of the paper.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has dropped several comics. They dropped Frazz, Get Fuzzy, Lola and Rose Is Rose in their Sunday line up so that they could run other comics a bit larger for better readability. To their daily line up they dropped Frazz, Rose is Rose, 9 Chickweed Lane, Get Fuzzy, Lola and Mallard Fillmore but added Dustin, Bizarro, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, Pajama Diaries, Prickly City, and Six Chix.

And lastly Sunshine State – the comic, not the state of Florida – has been picked up by the San Mateo Daily Journal.

4 thoughts on “Which comics were dropped and picked up this week?

  1. The Crossword puzzle that was in the first comics page in WaPo was moved to make room for the three comics. Interestingly, the Post previously ran “Doonesbury” and “Cul De Sac” in color while the other strips were in Black and White. Now both strips are in Black and White. WaPo should run all their strips in color in my honest opinion.

  2. Also: Last week in the Chicago Sun-Times with a slight tad shrink in the newspaper tabloid size 4 comic strips – “Beetle Bailey”, “Pardon My Planet”, “La Cucaracha”, and “Drabble” – were dropped, and after about a month’s absence “Love Is” was reinstated.

    The other comics change in the Sun-Times was a month ago when the newspaper picked up “Lio” and dropped for good “Family Circus”.

  3. And last month in the Chicago Tribune out went “Diamond Lil” and in came “F-Minus”.

  4. “Beetle Bailey” was dropped from the Sun-Times? Interesting given that they were quick to add Beetle after the Tribune dropped him.

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