Burford, Feuti on character dynamics

Today’s installment over at The Road to Syndication has King Feature Comic Editor Brendan Burford and Gil creator Norm Feuti talking about character dynamics.

During the development period, we explored all of the different interactions that can occur between each of the characters. Norm was essentially forming his characters? personalities based on how they interacted with one another, and even though he had a great sense of their definition as characters, the development period allowed him some discovery for each of them. We learn a lot about a character when we place them in a situation, or when we have them interact with another character. The dynamism of how a character responds to one character vs. another character helps mold them even more.

2 thoughts on “Burford, Feuti on character dynamics

  1. Thanks! I’m trying to figure out how my characters relate to one another right now. i’m working on making them a little nicer to each other. It’s not easy because kisses and hugs are not that funny. 🙂

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