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We remember Steve Jobs for Apple, but he also gave us Pixar

Great point by Jen Chaney at the Washington Post:

As the public mourns the death of Steve Jobs and contemplates his achievements, the first word that immediately comes to mind is: Apple. As Hank Stuever writes in his appreciation of the technological visionary ? who died Wednesday of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 ? it?s the MacBooks and iPods, the iPhones and iPads that are the most obvious, tangible proof of the man?s legacy.

But Steve Jobs also gave us something else. He gave us Pixar.

Community Comments

#1 Patrick Scullin
@ 5:19 pm

Steve was a true visionary. He saw the potential of the personal computer and the potential of computer animation. I posed the question whether or not we could thank him for webcomics too. :)

#2 b.j. Dewey
@ 10:03 pm

Patrick: I’ve also been a Mac “addict” since the ’90s and agree you have a good point worthy of lots of discussion that Jobs made Webcomics possible. Before my first Mac, I’d been on PCs (and who could forget DOS?). The Mac opened everything up for graphic design and Webcomics were not far behind.

#3 Derrick Wood
@ 2:51 am

Before I got a Mac I was going through computer after computer. Crashes, failures, files lost…on and on and on. Thank God someone like Mr. Jobs existed. I know I’ll never be able to afford a new Mac once this one is gone (and it’s showing scary signs of age) but I am grateful for all the time I’ve had with just one laptop. It’s something I never thought was possible until I got this 6 years ago; one computer for more than 6 months. WOW! I thank you and my webcomic thanks you. THANK YOU!

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